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Want Not, Waste Not – Recycling and What to do with those really unusual things !

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June 2019
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Cooking and Living in France – Wild Boar Sausage, mushroom and kalette pasta

Living in France

By Caroline Barty

Serves: 4 – Time: 35 min

This is pretty much the perfect midweek supper dish.

Quick, easy and immensely comforting. I make this with the delicious seasonal wild boar and garlic sausages but choose your favourite banger-the best quality you can afford please. Chestnut flour pasta is a […]

Grape News from your friendly Terroiriste !  

Pre-apocalyptic edition

by Merrick Marshall

On the assumption that Trump has not fired his “nice and new and smart” missiles which he said were coming but never said when…”it could be very soon or not so soon at all” here is another Grape News to help while away the hours before Armageddon.


Carrefour runout of butter again ? Churn you own . . .

Pour a pint of heavy cream or whipping cream into your mixer, turn on low speed, then raise to medium speed.

First, the cream will turn into whipped cream with soft, then stiff peaks. Keep going until the cream breaks.

You’ll now see the butter clinging to the beater. This usually takes anywhere from 5 […]

A new restaurant opens in Alet les Bains

Les Marguerites Jardin de Thé opens its doors for the first time on the newly renovated barn – a space for people to come and enjoy traditional British food in a cosy informal environment and at affordable prices.

Menus are always seasonal and use the freshest of local ingredients.

Les Marguerites is perfect for any […]

Craving in Paris? Your last chance to visit the Salon du Chocolate . . .

Man has sought over the centuries to get the very best out of cocoa so that today’s consumers can rediscover chocolate in a wide range of forms and flavours. The great chocolate adventure still has many ways of making our moths water.

Are the chocolatiers and patissiers the New Adventurers? That’s the unusual theme […]

Grape news from your friendly terroiriste . . .

by Merrick Marshall

Hello fellow imbibers!

I am a firm believer that you should never need an excuse to drink wine but if you feel that you do need one then the imminent threat of nuclear attack and the end of the World, another winter of union discontent, Brexit negotiations, the re-emergence of Tony Blair, […]

Diary of a Vineyard: Last’s month’s news and views . . . Rives-Blanques: The harvest in ON !!!

Saturday 19 August

Back home after midnight last night, and up early to pick more grapes and test their acidity and sugar levels. Jan-Ailbe says we have to start harvesting next week. The lab analysis confirms that. Next week? Next week! That will make it one of the earliest harvests ever.

The whole vineyard […]

Grape News in the UK – from your friendly Terroiriste !

By Merrick Marshall

Hello fellow imbibers!

As a devout supporter of Professor Roger Scruton’s philosophy of life namely” I drink therefore I am” I thought I would share some of my recent “thoughts” with you.

FIZZ: What a tremendous time to buy fizz! Whilst Aldi have increased the price of their benchmark “Monsigny” to […]

Diary of a Vineyard: Last’s month’s news and views . . .

Monday July 3

Well, this month has started off all in a rush. After a cool and covered week, the sun threatens to shine through again. Or does it? But we do get a nice bit of sunshine from an unexpected source: Scotland.

Its leading daily newspaper, The Scotsman, carried a wonderful review of […]

Diary of a Vineyard, May 2017, an insight from Rives Blanques

by Jan Panman

Tuesday May 2

We wind up our visit to New York with a degree of satisfaction: our wines seem to be going down well with the restaurants and wine merchants we meet.

They certainly go down well with us – that is, the sommeliers and wine buyers, who buoy us up with […]