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Want Not, Waste Not – Recycling and What to do with those really unusual things !

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January 2020
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

British Airways first with new technology in aviation

British Airways has become the first airline worldwide to introduce high-tech remote controlled devices to push back aircraft across its short-haul operation. The airline is modernising its operation to maintain and further improve punctuality for its customers.

In partnership with Heathrow, the eco-friendly Mototok tugs will allow British Airways staff to prepare aircraft for […]

Having Problems Making Calls to UK Marketing Numbers?

By Bob Elliot , Commercial Director UKT

There are many number ranges used by UK companies to make it easy or more expensive to call them. These are of course intended to be dialled from UK numbers, so sometimes calls from France don’t go through. Even if they do they may cost more than you […]

Fed up of Unwanted Sales Calls? Here Some Simple Ways to Stop Them

by Bob Elliott

There is nothing more irritating that being interrupted by an unwanted sales call, but there are several things you can do to prevent being called.

If you are about to have a new line installed now is the time to decide if being ex-directory is right for you. It is a […]

Getting the Best Speed from YOUR wifi.

by Bob Elliott

It all started with TV remote controls, then cordless phones and mobiles, the age of being connected but not attached to our devices by wires has really taken off.

Fifteen years ago when UKTelecom started providing services to expats in France we sold just low cost calls and dial-up internet connections. How […]

Getting Connected in France

by Bob Elliott

A List of Essential Web Sites

Here are the most useful web sites that will help you set up the best services for you. There are many more of course and there are others only your telecom provider has access to as part of the services they offer.

Use this site […]

How to Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Live in France, New Zealand & Germany ?

How and Where to Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Live in New Zealand, France, Germany ?

RIO Olympics 2016 is just around the corner and the excitement is already at it’s peak with people from different countries already preparing on, how they going to enjoy these Games.

Satellite TV is up the creek in many parts […]

AgoraStore: a French ‘ebay’ for surplus stuff; from excavators to bread slicers, from pianos to trailers

AgoraStore is a website created in 2005 in partnership with the city of Lyon. Agorastore allows public bodies and businesses to organize their auctions online. There are a wide variety of goods for (vehicles, computers, furniture, garden equipment, sanitation, kitchen …) proposed in sales open to all.

The purpose of AgoraStore is to encourage citizens […]

Is Social Media the key to success in your French Buy-to-Let business?

France is still one of the most popular overseas destinations for buy to let investors. But in this new social world how much does ‘being social’ play in the success of your buy-to-let business?

Maria and Andy Richardson own two beautiful holiday lets in Brittany. We asked Maria for a top tip or secret to […]

All men will be equal from December 2015

Across Europe and across all phone charges . . .








From December 2015 we have been promised equality within Europe.

EU politicians have voted to ban mobile roaming charges. At present telecom providers are restricted only to capping the charges. New rules, still to be […]

British TV in France, Tech Talk – November 2013

Astra 2e has been launched successfully.

It is expected that it will go into service by the end of November at which point most, if not all, UK FTA Channels will be affected.

British TV in France has been thinking long and hard about how to resolve the variety of problems we will all face […]