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April 2017
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Getting Connected in France

by Bob Elliott 

A List of Essential Web Sites

Here are the most useful web sites that will help you set up the best services for you. There are many more of course and there are others only your telecom provider has access to as part of the services they offer.

Use this site to [...]

How to Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Live in France, New Zealand & Germany ?

How and Where to Watch RIO 2016 Olympics Live in New Zealand, France, Germany ?

RIO Olympics 2016 is just around the corner and the excitement is already at it’s peak with people from different countries already preparing on, how they going to enjoy these Games.

Satellite TV is up the creek in many parts [...]

AgoraStore: a French ‘ebay’ for surplus stuff; from excavators to bread slicers, from pianos to trailers

AgoraStore is a website created in 2005 in partnership with the city of Lyon. Agorastore allows public bodies and businesses to organize their auctions online. There are a wide variety of goods for (vehicles, computers, furniture, garden equipment, sanitation, kitchen …) proposed in sales open to all.

The purpose of AgoraStore is to encourage citizens auction , that is to [...]

Is Social Media the key to success in your French Buy-to-Let business?

France is still one of the most popular overseas destinations for buy to let investors. But in this new social world how much does ‘being social’ play in the success of your buy-to-let business?

Maria and Andy Richardson own two beautiful holiday lets in Brittany. We asked Maria for a top tip or secret to [...]

All men will be equal from December 2015

Across Europe and across all phone charges . . .









From December 2015 we have been promised equality within Europe.

EU politicians have voted to ban mobile roaming charges. At present telecom providers are restricted only to capping the charges.  New rules, still to be approved [...]

British TV in France, Tech Talk – November 2013

Astra 2e has been launched successfully.

It is expected that it will go into service by the end of November at which point most, if not all, UK FTA Channels will be affected.

British TV in France has been thinking long and hard about how to resolve the variety of problems we will all face [...]

Test your network  is a wonderful site where you can check on the speed of your network connection. It’ll give you your download speed as well an upload speed, both measured in Megabits per second (Mbps).

As usage of on-line TV develops it’s important as you will need at least 1.5 before you can access TV this way. [...]

When is a book not a book . . . When it’s a Kindle.

Our 84 year old is the proud possessor of a Kindle electronic book. She is now addicted and carries the best part of the British Library with her at all times.  Easy to use, easy to upload any new book, and inexpensive.

Kindles was introduced five years ago by Amazon and are becoming a very [...]

RIP Minitel

Last month we lost internet connection.  Well not exactly the internet, more Cefax.  But not exactly Cefax – we lost that a few months ago.  More Minitel in fact.

Minitel is no more.  RIP Minitel.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee must have a few Minitel boxes somewhere and we will no doubt very soon see them appearing [...]

t’Internet is here

The future is definitely here, and the computer that you are probably reading this on – will be at a Vide Grenier in no time at all.

Most ‘domestic’ users of PCs or Laptops spend time emailing or on t’internet. Some write using word documents, some keep household and small business accounts on Excel spread [...]