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August 2017
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Having Problems Making Calls to UK Marketing Numbers?

By Bob Elliot , Commercial Director UKT

There are many number ranges used by UK companies to make it easy or more expensive to call them. These are of course intended to be dialled from UK numbers, so sometimes calls from France don’t go through. Even if they do they may cost more than you […]

Manish’s Zodiac predictions for this month

Leo ( 23 July – 22 August ) – Your financial sector remains unstable, expenses will continue to increase, which will lead to a significant reduction in budget, meaning a reduction in financial capabilities. It is not recommended to enter into financial contracts, to take long-term loans or lend money because there is a very […]

Your reading for August

What Dogs Really Talk About

by Nick da Costa

Do you ever wonder what your dog thinks, or what they talk about when they are together?

The author of this thoroughly entertaining book obviously loves dogs, and has given the subject much consideration, resulting in this hilarious, yet thought provoking book.

Every night six […]

July’s update for Open Gardens / Jardins Ouverts

By Mick Moat

As I write, we have just reached the end of June and I wanted to send out this Newsletter to let you know how the year is progressing. Although, we have not yet had all the receipts in from the June open days, our bank balance stands at the incredible total […]


British Airways is to launch new routes from London City Airport to three European capitals, Paris, Prague and Reykjavik, in October.

The new services to the three popular cities will mean British Airways will fly to 30 destinations from London City this winter.

The Orly flights are being transferred to London City Airport from Heathrow, […]

A Personal view

by Richard Pickering / Cushman & Wakefield

Jexit In a statement that seems to have surprised some of his colleagues, Jeremy Corbyn has set out a view that a Labour Brexit would mean leaving the single market, ‘The single market is dependent on membership of the EU’.

It seems that this viewpoint is not shared […]

Income tax breaks for high earners relocating to Paris

By David Anderson

The French government has recently announced income tax breaks for high earners relocating to Paris. This is an attempt to get more bankers to choose Paris rather than competing EU cities post Brexit.

A summary of the tax relief can be seen here

Surprisingly for such an important tax break the […]

Grape News in the UK – from your friendly Terroiriste !

By Merrick Marshall

Hello fellow imbibers!

As a devout supporter of Professor Roger Scruton’s philosophy of life namely” I drink therefore I am” I thought I would share some of my recent “thoughts” with you.

FIZZ: What a tremendous time to buy fizz! Whilst Aldi have increased the price of their benchmark “Monsigny” to […]

China is using facial recognition to foresee Who will commit a crime next ?

In true Minority Report style, China is currently in the midst of developing predictive tools that will help authorities catch suspects, even before a crime is being committed.

The Financial Times reports that Guangzhou-based facial intelligence company CloudWalk is testing out a system that studies a person’s movements and behavior patterns, calculating their chances of […]

French Property

By David Anderson

Buying a property? Beware a tax trap on payment of estate agent fees!

In a French property transaction, it is the buyer who is responsible for paying the stamp duty and other registration taxes. When it comes to the estate agent’s commission; this can be paid either by the buyer or the […]