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September 2018
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

What Do You Do When You Just Can’t Thank People Enough?

by Susan Keefe

Normally, when it comes to my family, I am a very private person on the internet, however in this case I am making an exception.

Last May my beloved dad died of cancer. It was undetected despite two years of monthly hospital stays with serious heart and lung problems. It wasn’t […]

Winter and Summer Skiing at the French Alps’ New Highest Hotel

The highest hotel in the French Alps, with the highest residences in Europe is currently under construction in Val d’Isère. Set to be completed in time for the ski season at the end of 2018, the development is one of many happening in this world famous resort.

“Val d’Isère is arguably undergoing the most […]

Forget the beach – it’s time to relax by the river!

By Louise Taylor

There’s nothing quite like a quick dip for the ultimate refreshment from the sultry summer heat. However, you don’t have to take on the crowds lining France’s beaches in order to enjoy cooling off in the water.

FrenchEntrée have a selection of superb riverside properties to keep you cool […]

What actually is Jet lag?

Jet lag is the disturbance to sleep patterns produced by travelling across several times zones when flying East or West. It is usually worse when you fly East (towards the Middle East, China and Japan or returning to France or the UK from a stay in the USA) as the body finds it harder […]

Lorry Parks, Toilet Rolls and the Romans

By Richard Pickering Head of Futures Strategy at Cushman & Wakefield A personal view of the business and role of property in new Europe

Trucks and tractors A report by Sky News this week reveals how local authorities across the UK are preparing for our exit from the European Union, each putting a nuanced […]

By Lesley Williams republished from Cicerone​ 13 July 2018

I’ve never been a strong cyclist, but until recently I’ve always enjoyed cycling. Now I simply love it! This is not just an isolated remark overheard in a pub, it’s a growing phenomenon, and cyclists who scorn e-bike riders should pause to consider the […]

Colonnes Moresques and Morris Columns

. . . from urinals, to poster sites, back to urinals, to tool sheds, to phone booths and back to poster sites . . .

By Pierre


The Morris column(colonne Morris in French)is a tall and elegant dark green advertising column. […]

The Devil

By Nick Inman

The Devil (aka Satan or Lucifer) is to be seen everywhere in France. He was the nightmare visitor of the middle ages, often felt or smelt but never seen, and he lingers on in Romanesque stone carvings and frescoes of the Last Judgement. He also pops up in some […]

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle Ages

Visit a 21st-century medieval adventure In the heart of France, in northern Burgundy, a team of fifty master-builders have taken on an extraordinary challenge: building a castle using medieval techniques and materials. In the heart of Guédelon forest, in an abandoned quarry, a team of master-builders is building a 13th-century castle from scratch. Quarrymen, […]

It’s that time of year again… GRAPE STOMP! 

Take a tour of a Provençal farm, learn how grapes are cultivated and how wine is made, PLUS stomp grapes in enormous antique oak barrels that are waist-high, roomy enough for 4+ people, and have a view of Mount Sainte Victoire.

You’ll learn the difference between harvesting wine grapes and table grapes, […]