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March 2019
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What Do You Do When You Just Can’t Thank People Enough?

by Susan Keefe

Normally, when it comes to my family, I am a very private person on the internet, however in this case I am making an exception.

Last May my beloved dad died of cancer. It was undetected despite two years of monthly hospital stays with serious heart and lung problems. It wasn’t until he complained (and he wasn’t one to complain) of really bad headaches whilst in hospital, that they carried out the neck scan which showed the tell-tale lump. Then they realised that it was, in his words “All over my body, in my bones, and it’s incurable.”

The palliative care team at the hospital were brilliant and in three days he was home. This is where I first met the MacMillan nurses. I cannot praise them enough. During the week it took my dad to die each one was extremely sensitive and caring, ensuring that he was comfortable and had everything he needed. From day one, each nurse when entering the house seemed to be like family, they were friendly yet efficient, answered our questions, guided us in what to expect, hugged us, and cried with us, whatever we needed, they seemed to instinctively know.

Then, the day after he died, they created a memory which will stay in my heart forever. As we sat in the other room they prepared my dad, as they were doing it, they talked to him as if he was still alive, “Sorry Ted we’ve just got to do this…” “We’re just going to have to move you over here…” Then they even gave him a wet shave because they knew from earlier in the week that he preferred it.

How can you repay such caring and sensitive people? I didn’t know, then I saw on the MacMillan website the South Coast Mighty Hike. It was a something I felt compelled to do, even though, at 26 miles, it is going to be very challenging to get physically fit enough for it. I will do it for dad, and my daughter is walking it too in honour of her lovely granddad.

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[it’s always difficult to know who and what to support these days. This is a really worthy organisation. We all have been touched by cancer so this is a real  opportunity to help the people who help so well. Ed]

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