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May 2019
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Your reading for November by Susan Keefe

Game piece

by Alan Brenham 
An action packed, psychological thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very last page.
Life is all about priorities, and Barry Marshall a Detective in the Temple Division, Texas is forever finding himself taunted by colleagues that he is a Boy Scout, brown nose, and worse.
Always the last to leave the office, Barry is driven, he is contentious, proud of what he does and the differences he makes. However, his diligence often leads to him working late and both his wife Erin and his daughter Cailey miss him. Erin wants him to change career, after all he is turning out just like his father, ‘married to the job!’
This particular Friday was bad enough, discovering he had been targeted by identity thieves, that was a nuisance, then, just as he was just about to leave the phone rings…
The caller offers a lead on another case. Even though he wishes he could, Barry can’t ignore it. When he arrives at the proposed meeting place however, he soon discovers that the lead story was a red herring, instead of the informant, there are two bodies with their throats cut!
From there the story escalates with Barry centre stage. Strangely, the caller always contacts Barry’s cell phone, and seems to know what he is doing. To make things worse, tensions are growing at home as Barry is never there, and night’s out and trips to the park are pushed to one side with work taking priority.
With a serial killer on the loose in Temple, no-one is safe. As the body count rises the clues are thin and far between. Barry can’t put a face to the voice, however, one thing is certain, the killer knows him. As tensions mount at home and work, a frustrated Barry finds himself wrongly accused and desperate for answers.
This fast paced, exciting thriller has twists and turns right until the very last page. The author, Alan Brenham has used his lifetimes experience as a Texas law enforcement officer, a criminal prosecutor and later criminal defense attorney, to give his readers a real insight into what life is like when your world revolves around protecting the innocent, and those you love.

The Neuromorphs

by Dennis Meredith
Spine-chilling science-fiction at its best!
Spine-chilling, is the phrase which comes to mind when describing this book.
The author Dennis Meredith has spent a lifetime in the scientific and engineering world, working in science communication at some of the country’s leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the University of Wisconsin. He has written numerous articles on science and engineering and he has a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Texas (1968) and an M.S. in biochemistry and science writing from the University of Wisconsin (1970), and has achieved so much more. I have to ask myself, with all his insider knowledge, could this story become a reality?
With the world of robotics expanding exponentially it is easy to envisage a world where every household has Helper androids, specially programmed to look after their owners every need, even to anticipate their wants before the desire leaves their lips.
Of course in this scenario the androids are also automatically programmed the ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ created by the famous science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov, after all, it is a must for all robots, isn’t it?
In this story set in 2050, the Helper androids have become an integral part of human life, however, Russian mobster Mikhail Fyodorov owner of Phoenix investments has discovered a way to easily make millions, with a win, win scheme.
Mikhail has joined with shady members of the robotics world to enable the robots programmes to be altered to enable them to think independently, and kill their owners, take their place and fortunes, to Mikhail’s benefit of course. A seemingly fool proof plan, however in their naivety the criminals haven’t considered the potential of the intelligence they have unleashed…
With a hive mind, no longer restricted, the neuromorphs devise a clever plan to take over the world, destroy its inhabitants, and everything on it, can anything stand in their way?
One thing the neuromorphic brains have not anticipated however is human nature, with a marriage hanging on by a thread, ex-SEAL Patrick Jensen and his tetchy wife’s senses are high, and after moving onto the neuromorphic hives exclusive housing at ‘The Haven,’ they soon realise that all is not as it should be with the other residents. As the robots plans proceed, and the stakes grow higher, who will become the rulers of the earth? Can the humans survive against all odds, or will the neuromorphs conquer them?
Action packed, very cleverly written and with plenty of twists and turns ‘The Neuromorphs’ is a story which will I am sure will be loved by all science-fiction fans.

The Leper Messiah

by Rob Levinson
The life of David, one of the most important people in Jewish religious history, revealed.
The author, Rob Levinson was born in a Gypsy clan in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, unusually he was given up for adoption, however it was his adopted parents who raised him into a tradition of literature and encouraged is early writing talents. He was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore the world, and it was as a young man that his fascination with the story of David was born. From then on this interest evolved, culminating in his studying the writing of historical fiction.
This amazing book is the result of his passion for David and his life, and in it he transports his reader back into ancient times, as he offers them his version of the life of David, one of the most important figures in Jewish religious history.
The content is written as a fictional biography, containing some biblical references, however it is written very much as a historical fiction story, not a preachy biblical tome.
This wonderful tale grabbed my interest from the very first page, and kept it throughout. This was because of the author’s great ability to describe scenes and characters in such detail, and bring them to life before your very eyes. I quickly found myself settling into the story and taking up the author’s invitation to step with him into the past and get real feel for life in those far distant times.
At each turn of the page more of David’s story is revealed, from his birth growing up through his childhood, his life as a shepherd, and his adventures until he became King of Israel. His journey was a hard one, very dark and twisted at times, however the insight it gives us into Old Testament life are priceless. Through his eyes we live through harsh living conditions, the dangers of travelling, and learn about the hard lives of the poor people living with the terrible disease leprosy.
With him we experience desert sand storms, terrible battles, and much more. However, for David, as for us all, it is these life lessons which character build and formed him into the man he became, instilling in him important values, morals and strengthening his ideals.
Whether you are interested in religion, history, geography or just like to read a thoroughly entertaining story by an author who has the ability to transport you to another time and place, you are sure to enjoy The Leper Messiah.

Dynomike: What’s Heartfulness?

by Frankie B. Rabbit
My granddaughter and I have been looking forward to the next Dynomike book, and as soon as we opened it we were greeted by our favourite character, Dynomike, and his friends. The rhyming stories and way it is so wonderfully illustrated captured her interest, and I think it is a great way to introduce children to books and reading.
In this book ‘What’s Heartfulness’ the friends are concerned when they visit their friend Jack Brussels and he is sad. His mother is sick and no-one knows what to do to make her better.
Jack tells them he can’t play that day and to leave them alone, but being good friends his pals set their heads together, desperately trying to think what they can do to make things better. It is Dynomike who comes up with the idea of spreading heartfulness.
What is heartfulness? Well it is being kind, spreading love and caring from within yourself and showering it on others, doing kind deeds, thinking kind thoughts… being, well nice.
So, while Jack’s mom is asleep the friends in secret take her heartfulness, and when she wakes up – well – you just have to read and see for yourself the wonderful changes spreading heartfulness can make!
And Jack, well with his mom better, he’s off out to play, but when he asks his friends what they did the previous day – they just wink.
This is yet another wonderful book spreading the word of love and caring and how little deeds can make the world of difference to people, and what’s more, when you have finished this story, the author gives you another one free!
A lovely story which will enchant children and encourage them to become caring and considerate people.

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