Travel The train departing on February 8th

Z_Title_TravelAllegedly . . .  next week we will see Spanish high-speed trains running between Perpignan and Barcelona.  There is meant to be six or seven connections a day.

Whoops – the first trains will now begin running in April, says the Barcelona regional government. Cost of line construction to the northern Spanish town of Figueres alone has been €4.2 bn.

The Barcelona government said the trip to Perpignan will take one hour and 10 minutes. The rails have already been laid at the head of the Barcelona-Sants station, where the high-speed trains pass.

Currently being used by test-trains, engines equipped with the safety-control technology that test the new infrastructure. The connection from Sants station with the tunnel crossing the city towards Sagrera is practically finished.
The Figueres-Perpignan section tunnels under the Pyrenees; already finished, and has been in service for some years.

If you take the train, please can we flag our customary warning about buffet cars . . . almost none existent, so take a picnic.

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