Today is ‘Pois’, not June 1st

Today is ‘Pois’, not June 1st


In the days of the Republic there weren’t packeted frozen peas.  The country relied on fresh or at worse dried peas.  Peas were a staple for ‘pottage’ and with a touch of onion, carrot, salt and sugar.

With Quail, from the third of June, Peas and oatmeal combined with tomatoes, shallots and mushrooms make a seasonal meal.  Other seasonal days include the ‘fourche’ from the eighth and the ‘chariot’ from the eighteenth.  These are translated as a ‘pitchfork’ and ‘hand cart’ – not supermarket trolly, though we’re sure that ‘chariot’ would picture in todays calendar but with Carrefour branding on the handle !

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