This month’s cheese; Reblochon, is presented by Mademoiselle Alice in Boullion Racine

Cheese_March14Well Dear Reader, we certainly didn’t see Mademoiselle Alice when we visited Boullion Racine. (See Mon Oc’s June 2012 issue)  Here she is presenting us with Reblochon. Whilst it originates in the Haute-Savoie, it’s available on all the cheeseboards across France and much further afield. In many ways it sums up French Cheese. It carries the coveted AOC endorsement.

It has a creamy soft texture with a nutty taste. And of course a Savoie white wine is ideal. Sister cheeses are Tomme de Savoie and Beaufort.

Historically it goes right back to the Middle Ages. Mountain farmers used to pay their taxes with milk. Being very savvy (no Haute-Savoire joke here please) they kept the best milk for themselves – and that where the cheese came from, and it explains the name. I wonder if Mademoiselle Alice was taught that Roblochon means “to pinch a cow’s udder again”, perhaps she’ll look at here stack of five in a different light now !

But on to Boullon Racine . . . a brilliant restaurant. The interior was boarded up when the Germans visited Paris in June 1940 for their five-year city break. The brasserie opened its doors in 1906 and so has a high-Art Nouveau decor.

Listed as an historical monument, it offers a total immersion in the Paris of the 1900’s, it’s beautiful.

Where food is concerned, the chef has selected a subtle blend of modern day and more traditional dishes. ‘With specialties like the suckling pig stuffed and spit roasted, boiled beef with vegetables, the risotto with scallops and shrimps, or the coffee from Liege, the waffle with crème brûlée with maple syrup… The Bouillon Racine invites you for a journey through time and senses’


We cannot recommend this establishment enough, it should be on everyone’s foodie bucket list.

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