We all love Ryan Air, but . . .

photoDear Ryan Air,

Why have you got this so wrong ?

You are repositioning your airline, the web site is better to access and easier to understand, you are being sensible about hand luggage (at last, but thank you), but your messages are  wrong.

By now we all know that there are three cornerstone ‘deliverables’ to a service or product: QUALITY, SERVICE and PRICE.

Any decision means that we can only have two of the three, so . . .  If we want quality and service we have to expect to pay more . . . It we want good service and a cheaper price we have to forego quality . . . and if we want a cheaper price we have to forego quality and service.

So this chap’s jacket begs the question . . . What are Ryan Air cutting / reducing / not investing in ? . . . is is the product ? or is it the service ?

You make a big deal of arriving early or on-time . . . so it must be the product. Eeeeeek . . . ! ! !

Because to anyone half sensible an airline should invest in the product. We trust you with our lives, and we now all realise that aircraft can crash !

So please, please, please, please, get your messaging right and tell us that you care for the planes. We understand that you run a bus service, and a good one . . . but get your marketing communications right . . . and show us that you are investing . . . and that you care for us.


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