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December 2018
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Your reading for the summer . . .

Take Three Birds

by Jill Lime-Holt 



The internet has been responsible for many things, and this includes this book.

When three authors who have been “friends” on the internet for a time decide to meet up, will it be triple trouble?

You see, they all live in different countries, Jill who is the author of The diary of a Single Parent Abroad lives in Italy, Janet Holt who is co-author or The Stranger in my Life lives in the UK, and Tottie Limejuice author of the Sell the Pig series, lives in France. However, a little detail like this does not daunt the intrepid trio, it will just take a little organising.

So, Janet takes her first flight to Italy, and together Jill and Janet drive over to Tottie’s grottage in Auvergne in France in Jill’s 20 year old Fiat Punto.

But how will these three strong minded women get on?

Will their friendship survive meeting face to face, and spending a lot of time together?

Well, this enjoyable book which is written like a diary, but without the dates, reveals all. Having read two of the authors already, I would not wait to read this one, and was not disappointed.

Reviewed by Susan Keefe

Available from Amazon



by Khaled Talib




This is a compelling political spy thriller is Khaled Talib’s first novel, but a page turner every step of the way. The story is set in Singapore, where the Israeli government are trying to end, once and for all the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

However, not everyone agrees on how to do this. Radical factions have other ideas and they plan to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minster when he visits Singapore, but first they must find a scapegoat…

Enter Jethro (Jet) West, not a very appealing fellow, he is a journalist for a top life style magazine in Singapore. Happily sleeping around and living the high life, he soon he finds that his womanising ways and reputation have well and truly gone against him, when he is framed for the murder the Singapore Tourist Boards beautiful public relations manager Niki Kishwani.

However, as if this is not bad enough, he soon discovers his destiny has been decided, and it is far worse than he could imagine.

He has been especially chosen.

As the plot thickens, Jet finds himself being hunted, and the body counts rise, things become rapidly much worse for him as he desperately tries to clear his name.

The attention to detail and research which has gone into this absorbing book is amazing. With spies, corrupt government officials and plenty of twists and turns, Smokescreen is a well written and totally absorbing political spy thriller.

Reviewed by Susan Keefe

Available from Amazon


Naked in the Wind: Chemo, hairloss and deceit

by Shirley Ledlie




The big C is a word which strikes fear into the heart of everyone.

In this amazing story, not only does the author tell her readers of her very personal fight against breast cancer, but also the effects of the cocktail of chemotherapy drugs she was prescribed to cure it.

When ill, we are vulnerable, we trust those who are treating us, and Shirley was no different. However, when these people let us down not many people a brave enough to stand up against them like Shirley Ledlie. Her treatment left her with permanent hair loss, something which may have been avoided if the powers that be had done their research more thoroughly.

This story is hear rending at times, inspiring and honest, as she bravely chronicles her battle with French bureaucracy and a French drug company.

This is an amazing story, which I read in one sitting.

I applaud the author for writing it.

Reviewed by Susan Keefe

Available from Amazon

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