S.O.C. (save our cricket)

Midi CC needs to find a new ground

Midi CC has just celebrated its 10th anniversary but is now it’s a club in crisis and needs your help.

Sadly, they will lose their ground at St Pons de Mauchiens at the end of this season.

The club committee has decided it cannot share the oval with the local Tambourin club as decreed by the Mairie. Cricket would be all but impossible with a rolled earth 90m strip running alongside the pitch. So they are on the hunt for a new ground, hopefully within a 20km radius of Pezenas.

It has to be at least 110mx70m and have storage space. If you know of anywhere suitable, please let President Marc Dalling know either by email at president@midicricket.com or on 0681243756, preferably with contact details.

Time is of the essence . . . they need to have a new ground solution by the end of August.

The club has become an important part of the local environment and is proud not only of its contribution to the social life of expatriates but  also in its development of ties with the French community, particularly through its junior cricket programme.

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