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Want Not, Waste Not – Recycling and What to do with those really unusual things !

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January 2020
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused




Mon Oc is a digital publication sent monthly to 7,500+ English Speakers who ‘live’ or ‘have interests’ in the 18 Departments of the traditional ‘Oc’ speaking areas of South & South West France – and elsewhere!

Ariège 9, Aude 11, Aveyron 12, Bouches-du-Rhône 13, Gard 30, Haute-Garonne 31, Gers 32, Hérault 34, Landes 40, Lot 46, Lot-et-Garonne 47, Lozère 48, Pyrénées-Atlantiques 64, Hautes Pyrénées 65, Pyrénées Orientales 66, Tarn 81, Tarn-et-Garonne 82, Vaucluse 84 . . . PARIS . . . as well as MUCH further afield !

Our web statistics show that we now have most readers from France 2/3, the UK 1/3 and indeed throughout the world – we are gaining traction for French interests.

It is published as Living in France.

Display advertisements on Mon Oc are also included on this web site for the duration of the Mon Oc insertions.  

Advertisements are inserted on the relevant pages which can be found on the top menu.

Links from your advert

Display advertisements are linked to either your web site or email (please specify) so that a ‘reader’ can either see your full range of services or product and properly understand what you are promoting and/or can contact you directly.  Usually it is better to link to your web site and unless otherwise instructed we will do this. 




Free Artwork

We can provide free ‘artwork’ for every advertisement placed, so you don’t have to worry how you do this or about what it will look like.                                 


Traditionally advertisements were ‘measured’ in column inches.  This meant “How many columns wide were needed and what depth”.  With digital publishing this is no longer relevant – however the principal remains the same.

Mon Oc offers adverts that are usually one column (col) wide, measured in pixels.  A column is 320 pixels wide. The depth is also measured in pixels.

Any depth is available.  For example: a square advertisement of 320 x 320 pixels (in the proportion of 1:1) costs 25€ for 3 months insertions.  All display advertising costs are in proportion to this, examples are below.

A            Landscape format            320 x 160 pixels (single col)            20 € for 3 months

B            Landscape format            320 x 280 pixels (single col)            25 € for 3 months (for house sales)

C            Square format                    320 x 320 pixels (single col)            25 € for 3 months

D            Portrait format                  320 x 500 pixels (single col)           40 € for 3 months

E            Portrait format                  320 x 640 pixels (single col)            50 € for 3 months

We do not charge TAV / VAT in additional to these prices

Any variation in depth is calculated according to this formula.


Providing material

Send us your images, logos and text (or tell us where we can find them on the web etc) and we will design it for you.  Tell us what you want to say, the main message, what you want to achieve from advertising – or if you have access; please send JPG file (320  width / landscape dimension)


These will usually follow a green-edged square format that makes them easily identified.

C            Lansscape format                     280 x 320 pixels (single col)            25 € for 3 months

Please send us an image, the location and department, brief description, the energy ratings and a link to your, or your agent’s web site, or your email for the link.


These are the ‘smaller’ ads and text only, once again these prices are for three months insertions. (Your ad is also included on the web site under “Classified Advertising”)

Up to 20 words                                                                        15 € for 3 months

Up to 30 words                                                                        20 € for 3 months

Up to 40 words                                                                        25 € for 3 months

Up to 50 words                                                                        30 € for 3 months

Bold text  intro is included

PLEASE NOTE – MEMBERS OF THE ‘Linked In’ GROUP, Living-in-France, are presently offered 3 months FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING, so join and connect . . .


Available with a complimentary advertisement

Please contact


Six months advertising (with no change of advert) attracts a 5% discount

Twelve months advertising (with no change of advert) attracts a 10% discount


Unless otherwise arranged this will be by PayPal and made before publication date.


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We aim to include any advertisement that reaches us in time, we will try our best!


Publisher: John Rushton – Roucatilla, St Julia de Bec, 11500 France