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July 2017
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Dear John,
I would like to react to the article on windmills; While I agree that it is totally unacceptable to plonk these unsightly machines any old how, it is also totally unacceptable to me, a staunch anti-neuclear, to try to stop them.
The reason they have been installed like this is the communes, who get massive taxes for “housing” them, and you can imagine how the choice of commune is made! (its not what you know….)
It is perfectly possible (and neccesary) to get enough eoliennes going, if only the descision of where was put to the right people,(such as the “LPO” who are consulted) and above all, thjey are grouped together in windfarms.
If we are going to “wreck” some countryside, lets keep damage to a minimum.
I dont feel happy about the French complacency as to their neuclaer technology, there are power stations out there over 30 years old, ITER is a fabulously expensive farce, as we dont as yet have the material to contain fusion reaction (but building it means lots of jobs for the boys).
Remember “Super Pheonix”? But dont worry, when Chernobil blew, the French public were reliably informed that the cloud had stopped at the frontier, and no one suggested we stop eating camembert! Will the next one be in France?
Russell Cooper
11190 Rennes le Chateau
hello John,
my very best wishes for a Happy New Year to you too ! i have just been through your mail, it’s fantastic the mass of info you give to all of us around here and the way it is displayed, so catchy !
Roberte HINKEL
vice-présidente et enseignante de Ze CAT & Co
2nd January 2014


Galien Avezou 14th July 2013 


Merci beaucoup pour la publicité de l’hôtel America! Really nicely done too!

Quite interesting to read all these articles about France from a english point of view!

Here summer is at its high and heat finally arrived!

I hope everything is fine with you.

A bientôt et merci encore! 

Hôtel AMERICA, 16 rue Notre Dame, 06400 CANNES – France



Ian  Morris 1st July 2013

I am always interested in seeing Mon OC but  regret to say your article on “Boules” in the latest edition is incorrect and misleading.

The game is never played with 4 boules per person; it has always been a mystery to me why boules are sold in sets of 4 or 8.  A team can consist of 1, 2 or 3 players, not more.  A team of one or two players plays with 3 boules each;  a team of 3 players 2 boules each.

The official rules say that the boules used by any one player must all be marked in the same way and be of the same weight and diameter.  There are strict weight and diameter criteria for boules used in competitions – which is worth knowing if you want to play in “competitions”.

A handy description of the rules can be found atétanque#Playing_the_game.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes

Ian Morris   Hérault resident and past president Leatherhead Petanque Club, GB.