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February 2018
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Brexit, VAT and property values

by David Anderson, Sykes Anderson Perry Limited Solicitors London

This article is for general information only. You should only act or refrain from acting after receiving full professional advice on the facts of your particular case. This article does not constitute investment advice.

There has been a […]

1st August was Almond Day

Almonds are forming on the trees this month and will soon be available for picking.

These days almond oil is used for cosmetics or pressed to make almond milk which is a very interesting, if expensive, cows milk substitute. And yes, it does taste of Almonds.

In Republican France almonds were used to embellish […]

January’s cheese & restaurant of the month

January 1st is the beginning of the cheese year and it’s kicked off with Camembert. Coming from the Normandy region, Adeline Camembert (I know, it’s a very strange surname!) our garage pin-up is photographed in a Paris restaurant, the Pharamond. It’s in the Les Halles area at 24 rue de la Grande Truanderie 75001

If […]

This Christmas and New Year please remember 1662 was a fine vintage

We’re all aware that Blanquette de Limoux predates champagne, whatever Dom Perignon (1668-1717) might have said.

However the first written evidence of any sort of ‘method champenoise’ was in 1662 . . . and it was in England!

It took until 1876 for the French to perfect their method of producing their ‘brut’ and in […]

A cheese for December . . .

Mademoiselle Charlotte ends the year with a display of Brillat-Savarin, a cheese devised in the 1930s by Henri Androuët, father of the cheese expert Pierre Androuët (cheese maker, food critic and a member of the French Institute of Taste).

It’s named after a 19th century food writer named Brillat-Savarin who penned such renowned tomes as […]

This year’s harvest at Rives-Blanques

There are a couple of things we can say about this harvest with absolute certainty. One is, it was unlike any other. Of course every harvest is (unlike any other), but this one even more so. Another is, it was experienced in a completely different way by different parts of the region, even by different […]

Cheese of the month: Saint Florentin

The packaging for this month’s cheese certainly lets it down . . . a plastic tub. Definitely not for smart dinners.

It’s made from cow’s milk in Saint Florentin which is half an hour from Lincet in the Bourgogne Champagne region.

Small, round with a fat content of 50%, and originally ladle moulded, I’m afraid […]

On y va?

On y va? On n’y va pas. Pourquoi pas? Parce qu’on attend

It seems appropriate to quote these words written in French by an Irish playwrite. To answer the inevitable question: no, we are not harvesting yet, and no, we are not yet sure when we will start. […]

A cheese for September – Pont-L-Eveque

This month our cheese is one of the top three – with Brie and Camembert. A Normandy cheese it goes well with cider and Condrieu, a wine from the northern Rhone, but I’am sure a glass of Calvados suits it just as well.Three litres of raw or pasteurised milk goes into one 400 gram square […]

French Street Food ?

It might seem weird to recommend French street food, but keep reading – there are some good options!

It’s lunchtime and you want a quick bite, without and fuss or formality.

You have several options in France, by investigating the French street food!

First, there’s the typical fast food….

Depending on where you are, for […]