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June 2019
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

The future of office working, cities and sitting 

​by Richard Pickering


Disruptive business models in the real estate sector are highlighting the potential to leverage property assets to create other revenue streams. WeWork has been particularly adept at transforming ‘tenants’ into ‘members’. Tenants pay rent, but members it seems are open to buying a much wider collection […]

Lorry Parks, Toilet Rolls and the Romans

By Richard Pickering Head of Futures Strategy at Cushman & Wakefield A personal view of the business and role of property in new Europe

Trucks and tractors A report by Sky News this week reveals how local authorities across the UK are preparing for our exit from the European Union, each putting a nuanced […]

Pickering’s views on Policy, Patents and Passports

by Richard Pickering

Ins and outs Data from the ONS reveals the largest annual drop in net migration to the UK for decades (75% of the reduction coming from the EU). The decrease from 336,000 pa to 230,000 reflects 80,000 fewer people arriving and 26,000 more leaving. The first signs of a ‘Brexodus’? Digging […]

Pickering’s Pot Pourri

by Richard Pickering

Take it or leave it In a bid to head off at the pass any potential amendments to the Brexit Bill, David Davis has confirmed that which was expected; that MPs will get a vote on the final terms. However, it is unlikely to achieve this bid. Rather than being the ‘significant […]

A personal view of the business and role of property in new Europe

Richard Pickering 20th September

On Yer Bike at 10:1

‘Boris is Boris’ Only days before her big announcement in Florence later this week, Theresa May is unlikely to have welcomed Boris’s 4,000 word dissertation on the future of Brexit. A refrain of his £350m-for-the-NHS claim, it provoked ‘surprise and disappointment’ from UK Statistics Authority chief […]

Stakes and chips

A personal view of the business and role of property

by Richard Pickering, Head of Research & Insight Cushman & Wakefield

The Devil and the deep blue Channel A no-win outcome for the UK is starting to form on the other side of La Manche. The new French President is very likely (1/8) to be […]

A personal view of the business and role of property

by Richard Pickering, Head of Research & Insight Cushman & Wakefield

In the balance

Plan for Britain We are now serving notice on the EU under Article 50. Although the precise contents of the letter that Theresa May will send to Donald Tusk are unknown, she has given some indication of what may be in […]

The new Europe, The best laid schemes

by Richard Pickering Head of Research at Cushman & Wakefield

Supremely Pointless In line with expectations, the Supreme Court has upheld the ruling that Parliament must vote on the issue before invoking Article 50.

What does this mean? Substantially, very little. It feels inconceivable that Parliament will vote against the referendum decision, regardless of […]

Autumn leaves on a damp squib

By Richard Pickering

Autumn Statement Today’s Autumn statement held little tangible for the commercial property industry, as the Chancellor spent longer talking about the restoration of a listed country house than he did about a fractional benefit to business rates relief. There was no mention of stamp duty, nor any significant detail on local infrastructure […]

Breaking records, home and away

by Richard Pickering Cushman & Wakefield

Performance enhancement. Alongside world records being smashed by elite athletes in Rio de Janeiro this week, the UK Equities market is setting records of its own. The FTSE 100, up 11% so far in 2016 to close last week at 6,916 is at its highest level in 14 months. […]