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Want Not, Waste Not – Recycling and What to do with those really unusual things !

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September 2019
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Book Reviews for September by Susan Keefe

Searching for Family and Traditions at the French Table, Book One (Champagne, Alsace, Lorraine, and Paris regions) (The Savoring the Olde Ways Series)

by Carole Bumpus

Carole Bumpus a retired family therapist and the author of this absorbing book has within its pages shared her abundance of experiences which she and her husband Winston enjoyed […]

Day-by-day on a knife edge – October’s diary of Chateau Rives-Blanques’ vineyard

Sunday October 2

Oh you amazing, magnificent mauzac! How much longer can you make us dance to your tune? A couple of days? A week? Ten days? Just how much longer can you hold out?

(How much longer can we hold out?)

The grapes look beautiful, and they are basking in the sunshine, in […]

Diary of a vineyard: September’s harvest at Rives Blanques / Work in progress!

by Family Panman

September marched in like an army on the attack: searing searchlights scanning a night sky thunderously full of rumbling grumbling. What a storm! The vines held their breath and scuttled for cover. This is emphatically not how we like to start a harvest.

But again the gods were good, and […]

Dog Days at Rives-Blanques, July 2015

JULY 2015 VINE LINES The regular newsletter on the wines, vines and times at Rives-Blanques

by Jan Panman Cépie 22 July 2015

It’s the Canicule! A stultifying, stupefying, grinding, relentless, unforgiving and exhausting heat not experienced in over 100 years, they say … but the grapes are magnificent: no sign of stress or thirst […]

Spring at Rives Blanques


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A glass of sunshine: introducing Limoux’s new-look logo (above)


The wettest March in recorded history, followed by what seemed to be the sunniest April, put us squarely into Spring, as you will […]

Toques et Clochers

Toques et Clochers is a two day festival and charity auction whose proceeds go to the renovation of the 42 villages church steeples of the four-terroirs Limoux appellation area of the Aude.

Each year, a different village is selected to host the festival and raise funds for next years beneficiary, also to celebrate the recent […]

Rives Blanque’s Vine Lines

This has already been a momentous year, even though it has hardly started.

Yet the blaze of brilliant sunsets splashed across our horizon nearly every day this month surely portends a beautiful and better tomorrow – which is what we wish you.

Well, the good […]

November amongst the vines at Rives-Blanques

“Bubble bubble toil and trouble” a fermenting barrel, one of the main actors in this month’s Shakespearean drama

Incredible that exactly a month ago we were sitting down to our harvest lunch, back-slapping and smugly congratulating each other on a very good harvest.

Since then, we have traversed the mysterious terrain that lies […]

Today, October 1st is Cuve day !

This month we are celebrating Cuves – or Vats.

I am assuming that in Republican France we were talking about wooden wine storage vessels, the sort that have been replaced with the glistening huge stainless steel tanks that hold our annual rumbling fermentation.

It’s the right time of year for the fermentation so I’m probably […]

Vine Lines for September – Harvest Time !

September is already on its final lap, but our harvest hasn’t even got past the starting block.

True, we did a bit of moonlighting and quickly nipped in for a drop of zesty machine-harvested reserve for our country wine one night last week, but as for the rest? Pouf, as they say en francais, […]