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April 2020
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Best value MAPS of FRANCE, and keeping the children amused

Manish’s predictions for February

Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) – This can be a good time for going out a lot, meeting someone new or rekindling romance, being creative and inspired, and being enthusiastic about what it is you find fun. Some of you will form a partnership that either leads to marriage or is otherwise […]

Manish’s Predictions for July

Cancer ( 21 June – 22 July ) – This is the best phase to fix problems, make plans and deepen your commitment. You will re-launch yourself, with a wonderful new look, or dramatically different role. The world will no longer see you in the same old way, but your partner will need to be […]

Living in France – Manish’s Zodiac Predictions for November

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November ) – It’s not a time for pushing your personal agenda – it’s a time for learning about the needs and concerns of others. Something may touch you or inspire you through your interactions with others. You can be especially cooperative and open with someone, and this is returned. […]

Manish’s Zodiac Predictions for April 2018

Aries ( 21 March – 19 April ) – You come up with ideas that are different, unusual, or innovative, and you enjoy going outside of your intellectual comfort zone. You know what you’re capable of, and you know exactly what has to be done. You’ll keep going until you get what you want, no […]

Manish’s Zodiac Predictions for February 2018

Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) – You find yourself more accountable than ever when it comes to your work and output. You become more and more aware of all of the “fluff” that surrounds your daily routines and your work, and spring cleaning becomes necessary. If you’re in a committed relationship, there […]

Manish’s Zodiac Predictions for July 2017

Cancer ( 21 June – 22 July ) – You will be very much tempted to start a business but may keep backing off for financial reasons. Running around will increase and you will take more than two short vacations. Business wise things look good for income and older sibling and friends can help. Investing […]