Finding the cheapest flight to France


We can’t guarantee AirHint, but because this’ll help you understand the dynamics of airline pricing v how early to book, you’ll have a much better chance of saving money on your flights with the low-cost airlines.

If you’re using a low cost carrier for your flights, you should make sure you really buy a…low-cost flight ticket. AirHint tells you exactly when it’s the best time to buy your tickets. They help finding best offers and booking the flight.

At present they cover RyanAir, EasyJet, Vueling, Southwest, jetBlue, Wizz Air and Norwegian.

For example (based on RyanAir)AirHint’s prediction model has average accuracy of 82% for Ryanair flights. The accuracy is different for each flight and depends on its popularity and availability of historical data.

To make airfare predictor more helpful, they accompany their recommendations with a tool that shows the price range and the confidence level regarding the best moment to buy Ryanair tickets. Moreover, they tell us if it’s best to wait or book your tickets now and if not what are the chances of price drop. AirHint is all about great flight predictions and deals!

Because airfare predictions were designed for low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air and Southwest to discover the price patterns of one airline at a time and this can only mean an increased accuracy prediction.

While the other price comparison websites base their predictions on a general one-size-fits-all model, AirHint customize their tool depending on the airline’s flight price patterns. The number of flights may be a bit more limited, but this is a small price to pay for the high accuracy of predictions. They’re all about cheap prices!

In the future they plan to apply this price prediction model to other airlines. They started with Ryanair, since this is the most popular cheap airline in Europe, and follow its cheap flights price pattern. As you probably know, Ryanair changes its fares frequently, so they are 100% dedicated to discover a pattern in Ryanair tickets prices, and tell you when it’s the right moment to book your flight tickets.

So in four words . . . You can but try . . .

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