Louvre pyramid art was a sorry mess a few hours after installation

from Languedoc Living

Just one day after it was opened to the public the anamorphosisart installation by the artist JR, to celebrate 30 years of the famous Louvre pyramid, had already become “unstuck” and damaged.

The piece, which was due to be exhibited at the famous art gallery from Friday March 29 to Sunday March 31, began to show signs of wear and tear within hours of being created. The artwork had been created by JR and a team of volunteers using a series of long digitally printed “stickers”, which were laid on to the ground piece by piece to create the anamorphosisdesign.Watching this video on www.youtube.com</a>, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.</div></div>

“Anamorphosis”art is a style in which the artwork only makes sense from one single perspective.

Some areas of this design appear to have been damaged within hours of being placed, with reports suggesting that the adhesive did not hold in some cases, and that areas with heavy pedestrian traffic began to become damaged more quickly.

Others suggested that some visitors had torn off some of the work, to take home as a “souvenir”. Screens have been set up at the museum entrance, to show the artwork from the correct position, and also demonstrate the behind-the-scenes of its creation.

The artwork was created as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the famous glass pyramid designed and installed by architect I.M.Pei and officially inaugurated on March 29th1989.

The photos illustrate what it should have looked like . . . and what it looked like after a few hours.



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