Top Five Cool Things Happening at Les Pastras in 2020

Bonjour, friends! We have a big year ahead of us and are excited to bring you all the news from our little farm in Provence. 

  1. Feature story. We were recently featured in an article by the incredible Bridgett Leslie on Vocal Media. If you want to read all about how we first met and began our adventures together here in the South of France,click here.
  2. Going green. We’ve been really conscious about the impact that shipping truffles next-day all over the world has on the environment. We’ve recently worked a deal with DHL to ensure that each package we send is carbon neutral, no matter its destination, at no extra cost to our clients!
  3. Pétanque court. It’s sometimes difficult to find a good place for guests to play. Often, locals are using the best spots for tournaments or weekly markets get in the way. And even then, we sometimes have to cancel the activity when weather is bad. With all this land at our disposal, we’ve decided to construct a pétanque course with a roof to provide shade and protect from the rain where we can host guests no matter what the weather.
  4. Short stories. Ryan Jacobs’s book, Truffle Underground, was amazing, but it left us wanting more. At the same time, we find we never have enough time during our tours to tell all the stories about the fascinating and dramatic world of Provence truffle hunting. So we’re working on a book of short stories that guests will have the option to purchase at the end of their time here if we’ve left them wanting more and they’re looking for something to read on the plane ride home.
  5. Our new puppy! Caramel is a 5 month old dachshund-terrier mix and is learning the truffle hunting trade from Jean-Marc and the other two dogs. He began his first hunts at Les Pastras in December 2019 and we’re looking forward to big things from his small nose. He’s already a guest favorite and loves to have his picture taken. He even has his own Instagram account! Check it out here: @carameltrufflepup

Johann & Lisa Pepin

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