Discover Manet’s portraiture

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This week, we take you behind the scenes of our exhibition, Manet – Portraying Life. Back in 2013, our Main Galleries were filled with the paintings of this enigmatic — and sometimes controversial — artist.

Manet’s portraits of friends, family and famous figures of the day give us a glimpse into 19th century Paris.

Discover more in this feature length film courtesy of Exhibition on Screen.

Originally released in cinemas, this ‘Exhibition on Screen’ film takes you back in time to visit the Royal Academy’s 2013 ‘Manet: Portraying Life’ exhibition, one of our most visited shows of all time. Take a trip to 19th-century Paris where the story of this modern master unfolds – and peep behind the scenes at the RA, as the curators prepared to tell his story in this major show.

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