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The Long Game

by Ian Conner

This exceptional political thriller is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats. Now retired, Ian Conner’s experiences as a Marine and Army Infantry Sergeant give his writing real depth of detail. Set in California, the environmental pollution element, political intrigue, and suspense makes this a story which will appeal to many readers.

The story opens at Oceanside’s harbor, San Diego. Deep enough for a small fishing fleet, yet small enough to be friendly, it is truly The Jewel of the North. However, in this story danger lurks, as friends Doctor Chris Rogers and James Quinn discover when they take their normal water quality samples for Scripps Oceanography. With the San Onefre Nuclear Generating System the coast water quality control is important…

Meanwhile, at the helm of the country President Colin Rockwell has his own agenda; a serial philanderer, his bad judgment, personal decisions, and backhanded dealings are causing problems on a national and international scale. However, at the San Diego Times, newly appointed keen young reporter Amy Radigan has her teeth into her assignment, and her discoveries, and the subsequent revelations are set to rock the world in more ways than one.

Face paced and exciting, this intense thriller takes its readers across continents, through a myriad of emotions, and plays out a potential life and threatening environmental scenario. The characters are very believable, and their stories reveal political dealings, murder, espionage, and more, yet somehow the author has also managed to weave love and compassion into this story.

From his home in San Diego with his wife Bonnie, this retired military man now enjoys his animals, gardening, crafting beautiful stained glass, and writing. This is his second novel, the first, which drew me to this talented author, is the incredible fantasy epic Griffins Perch.

If you want to read a story which will pull you in from the first page, packed with excitement and intrigue. I can recommend this unforgettable political thriller; you will not be disappointed!

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On The Trail of Delusion: Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser

by Fred Litwin

Sometimes childhood events can trigger a fascination which lasts a lifetime, and this was certainly the case for Fred Litwin, the author of this intriguing book. He remembers the day President J. F. Kennedy was assassinated clearly, however as a seven-year-old child he would never have imagined that the assassination would evolve into a lifelong obsession to discover the truth behind who the killer was if there were indeed more than one, the motives, and the shooter’s location.

Fred Litwin has had a very successful business career, then in 2000 he founded NorthernBlues Music, and in 2007 he started the Free Thinking Film Society which showcases films on liberty freedom, and democracy. He has written articles, and in 2015 he published his first book, Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue Tent. Then in 2018, he published his second book, I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak, in which he told the story of Clay Shaw a well-respected gay gentleman who was relentlessly hounded by the New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison.

In “On the Trail of Delusion,” the author exposes in great detail the truth about Jim Garrison and the conspiracy theories he has expounded over the years. But firstly let’s find out about the man himself. Jim Garrison was born in Iowa in 1921, and served commendably in WWII and became a Master of Law in 1950. However in 1951 when he was called to duty in Korea he had difficulties, was treated for exhaustion, and was discharged for physical disability, the psychiatric report stated he had “a severe and disabling psychoneurosis of long duration. It has interfered with his social and professional adjustment to a marked degree.”

When Garrison assumed office as the New Orleans District Attorney in 1962 he wanted to expand his political power base and be an instrument of reform. In August that year, he decided to clean up vice in the city, and the D.A.’s office and the police issued a joint statement that “targets will be police characters, homosexuals, B-drinkers, prostitutes and narcotics violators.”

It is then that he takes an interest in the J F Kennedy assassination and accused homosexual Clay Shaw along with Lee Harvey Oswald, David W. Ferrie, Jack Ruby, and others of plotting to assassinate John F. Kennedy. The link being that Lee Harvey Oswald had spent five months prior to the assassination in New Orleans. The cruel, relentless persecution of this innocent man makes hard reading. It is heart-breaking to read transcripts of interviews of Clay where he tells of the social stigma and prejudices which he had to endure, simply because of all the fabricated lies. What is even more tragic is that Clay, as time went on suffered terribly with lung cancer, and even after he was buried the persecution continued.

Fred Litwin must be given great credit in exposing Jim Garrison’s terrible behavior against Clay Shaw, and the injustices he carried out against him, in his last book, and also in this one. However, in addition to this, after examining even more documentation, the world can now read, through transcripts of interviews and tapes, letters, memorandums, and more, the stories of the other people Jim Garrison went after, and the unorthodox methods he used to gain evidence against them.

As Fred Litwin says “Several recurring themes colored Jim Garrison’s investigation – his mental illness; his bizarre investigative beliefs; his attraction to conspiracy theory; his irrational leftist politics, and his endless paranoias.” Within these pages, the truths are exposed, and all the information you need is laid before you.

I highly recommend this fascinating book as the definitive guide to the truth behind the conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Highly recommended!

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Darko: The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko 

by Kenny G. Down  

This incredible story is narrated by King Martin, Johanee Darko’s lifelong friend. The moment she was born, he became her protector and carer, on the poverty-ridden streets of Desire, New Orleans.

Johanee’s childhood was hard; the youngest of three children, born to a mother who did what she had to, to survive. Her only real bed was found occasionally in a mother and children shelter, abused, she was a street kid, and probably anyone seeing her would have predicted her future as bleak. However, she was different, preordained to shine the light of hope on mankind, a voice from the Gods of all peoples, and the saints.

She was just seven when the Mother of God spoke to her, assuring her she was loved and was the chosen one, the one who it is written will rise above others and save the lost souls of the world. Reassured by Mary that she will be with her; she is told that she needs to be strong, and that she should keep her love and kindness as her strength.

Despite her childhood and teenage years, Johanee is enveloped in the love of God, taught by sages, wise men, and saints, and protected by those who love her. Wherever she is people are drawn to her, touched by her words’ they love her and become her followers. She gives empowering talks, awakens spiritual awareness, and no subject is taboo. Many clamor for the chance to be with her, and her words inspire and affect the lives of her followers.

Then Michael the Archangel comes to her and explains her role as the Sacred Heart, the leader of the Sacred Hearted Movement and its followers, the Sacred Hearters. Her dedication to her beliefs, and pureness of heart, spread throughout the world, and her followers grow in numbers. Even when persecuted, she sees good in her accusers, and following her example, her devotees refuse to react to negative forces with violence and ill will, instead; the true message grows. Her heart is pure, and her thoughts only for those who need her, she is the head of a family and is there for all who need her; in her words, “This is not about me, this is about the message. Of myself, I am nothing.”

The narrator remembers that they were guided by her, and she, in turn, was guided by the Voices. She is truly the chosen one, and without question, she, living in the grace of God, follows her destiny.

Beautifully written, with powerful illustrations, this book is inspiring! The author has skilfully empowered his readers with hope, encouraging them to embrace and use spiritual principals to make us and our planet better. 

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