No need to see anyone when you can send a Christmas Box as a present this year

Join us in celebrating the most festive season of the year with the Les Pastras Holiday Box! Each box is 125€ plus shipping. Gift card and wrapped gift box included. Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping available. Contact us at to place an order.

Les Pastras Wine or Veuve Virey Champagne.  Les Pastras makes a gorgeous red Côtes du Luberon, Rosé, and Syrah. Each is guaranteed to bring a taste of Provence to your holiday celebrations! Our cousins, Joel and Françoise Virey, make a gorgeous Brut in France’s famous Champagne region. Their grapes used to go into big brands like Veuve Cliquot and Ruinart, but now they have their own label and their crisp, dry bubbly is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. The gift box includes a bottle of whichever one you prefer. 

Les Pastras Truffle Oil, Salt, and Honey   Indulge this holiday season and treat yourself to a taste of all our truffle products! Our truffle oil, salt and honey will add some amazing flavor and aroma to your holiday dishes. The truffle oil and salt are absolutely incredible on any potato or pasta dish. Pro tip: try the honey as a glaze for your turkey or ham! 

Lindt Deluxe Box of Holiday Chocolates   Nothing says “it’s the holidays” quite like a big box of decadent gourmet chocolates that you and your family can nibble on. We tend to have several on hand when family is around because they’re so irresistible. 

Les Pastras Organic Olive Oil   This organic extra virgin olive oil is all your roasted vegetables need! Try boiled fingerling potatoes smashed with a fork, placed on a baking sheet, and drizzle with olive oil and salt. Then just broil! It’s a crowd pleaser.

Homemade Beeswax Tapers   This set of five beeswax tapers was made right here at Les Pastras with wax from our beehives. They’re clean-burning and scent-free to allow the enticing smell of your holiday meal to shine.

Lavender Essential Oil.  This is the first year we’ve had enough lavender on the property to make essential oil and we’re really excited about it! The oil is 100% organic and has a fresh and soothing scent that’s lovely in a diffuser or mixed into your favorite body oil or lotion. Looking for more ideas on how to use it? Contact us for our top ten list! 

Les Pastras Red Wine Vinegar.  Our homemade red wine vinegar has a beautiful strawberry color and a fresh and fruity flavor that’s not overly acidic. Treat yourself to the very best when making a vinaigrette or poached eggs!

With kindest regards,
Lisa and Johann Pepin,

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