A cheeky little number from the Auvergne.

Z_Title_CheeseFrench cheese makers believe that it takes more than taste to sell cheese.  Each year they issue a calendar, more appropriate to a car repair shop than a kitchen, under the name From’Girls – as in Fromage Girls!

This month Ms February is selling Lavort, a cheeky little number from the Auvergne.

Legend has it that this cheese was originally crafted by Guillaume, a young Auvergnese peasant, who named it as a tribute to his boss, Baron Lavort. In the course of his Crusading adventures, Guillaume was taught the art of cheesemaking by Spanish monks in Compostella and the sunken-topped cheese that they made at the abbey reminded Guillaume of the mountains and volcanoes of the Auvergne.

Available from most good cheese counters near you . . . Lavort, not Ms February!

But if you want to buy a calendar for a mechanic friend – or you want to be considered to become a From’Girl click here. http://www.fromages-de-terroirs.com/commande_en.php

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