Something precious at a vide grenier?

I am sure we have all seen an antiques programme where a priceless gem was picked up for a few pounds.  I am sure it still happens, and given that our area was the ‘cradle of civilization’ for the impressionists perhaps there are a few old, or young, masters still to be found.

And to give you an idea of what your find may be worth, the most expensive paintings achieved the following prices at auction:

Picasso’s Nude with green leaves and bust 80m€

Picasso’s Garcon a la pipe 65m€

Picasso’s Dora Maar au chat 60m€

Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II 52m€

Francis Bacon’s Triptych 50m€

So with Picasso heaving in at the first three places the motto is ‘keep your eyes open’.  He was so prolific there must be a few more around that we don’t know about.

And if you want to swat up I recommend the Chateau in Antibes where he used to live and now contains the most amazing collection of potters and paintings – mostly in from his ‘Satyr period’.

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