Walking to improve your fitness and health

As you get older, the importance of activity becomes even greater than it was when you were younger. If you want to slow the aging process and live a longer, healthier life then increasing activity levels is the way to go.

So join a walking holiday and see how much younger you can feel! This is how one regular walker feels that they have benefited:  “I feel fitter than ever, my back ache has gone, my cholesterol problem diminished and I have a sense of achievement. It also means that I can come home and demolish a banoffee pie without feeling too guilty!”

Walking is probably the single best activity you can do in order to ‘look after yourself’ and has many positive effects on your health and wellbeing, helping to:

• Gain vitality

• Lose weight

• Improve and maintain your muscles

• Prevent diabetes – or reduce dependency on diabetic medication

• Prevent high blood pressure – or reduce dependency on medication

• Promote bone density to avoid osteoporosis

• Reduce cholesterol

• Avoid depression and develop the “feel good factor”

• Feel more self-confident

• Remain independent for longer

Walking is especially good for your brain. As you walk, you effectively oxygenate your brain. The implications are that exercise makes you feel more positive and can even help to stave off the decline that is associated with older age.

All of this means that you can effectively do a lot to help yourself stay fitter and healthier as you get older.

Whether you are a novice, are out of condition or are an experienced walker, walking holidays are guaranteed to improve your current level of fitness as you enjoy some of the best country walking that France has to offer!

Holidays also offer:

• Beautiful countryside,

• Interesting towns and villages,

• Irresistible patisseries / coffee stops

• Relaxed but professional leaders

• French culture, wine and regional food

• Mixing with like-minded people

• Choice of week long or bespoke stays

A typical walking holiday includes:

• Between 2-6 hours per day of walking depending on level.

• Health and fitness advice – (e.g. how the body works, eating for health, core strength, posture, keeping active as you age)

• Use of walking poles as appropriate.

• Massage for aches and pains or just for relaxation.

• Traditional French accommodation in the heart of Cathar country just one hour from Toulouse and with magnificent views of the Pyrenees.

Potential Energy provide walking holidays for everyone to benefit from the massive health rewards that come from ‘looking after yourself’. We are here for people who are looking to improve their long-term fitness for health. Our approach is professional, informative and fun! For more details please contact us on:

info@potential-energy.co.uk or see www.potential-energy.co.uk.

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