Daily Coverage of the Diamond Jubilee

The BBC will be covering the extensive celebrations over this weekend.

On the afternoon of Sunday 3rd June there will be a magnificent River Pageant. Up to 1,000 craft will accompany the Queen and Prince Phillip who will sail down-river on the Royal Barge decorated in the style of royal barges of the seventeenth century.

The flotillas will include a floating belfry of eight new bells cast by the London Bell Foundry in Whitechapel. Each is bell named after a member of the Royal Family. These bells will answered by those from all riverbank churches. (and if a bell-ringer finds themselves lifted off the ground; the instructions are to let go quickly or get pulled right up to the top of the tower !)

Another one for watch out for are the all-star concert that takes place in front of the Palace on Monday 4th June.  The Victoria Memorial has been transformed into a 360’ stage and the line-up is worth of any paid-for concert: Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox, Madness, Shirley Bassey, Kylie Monogue, Elton John and Paul McCartney amongst others.  It is organised by Gary Barlow so should hold a couple of surprises

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