and because it’s Fish Day, a word about licences . . .

Many of us like fishing. And so do the French, and so licenses are easy to buy and so, after an animated conversation in the local tackle shop, you can spend a calm afternoon guessing what fly to try next!

Like hunting, there is a season.  This year it opened on 9th March and lasts to the third week of September. This is for the oxygenated waters (1st categery) ie Trout streams/rivers.  In less flowing waters (2nd category waters are open all year – but the pike fishing season is limited to May to January.

Drop into a local tabac and as if they sell licences, if not they will point you n the right direction, it might be a fishing shop, a lawnmower repair shop or try the web.  Look at the local AAPPMA (Approved Association of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Protection) web site where you can order a licence and it will be posted, but that’s a pain, so we recommend you buy over the counter. That way you can practice your French.

To give you an idea of cost a year unlimited is around 120€ with a discount to 80€ for 70+age or ‘invalids’, 12-18 age 20€, -12 years 3€.  if you have guests of want a short sharp burst try the 30€ or 40€ for weekly or monthly tickets or ‘cartes’ FR.  Daily tickets are around 3€. These prices are a guide and may differ by departement. It is a personal ticket so you might need a passport photograph with you to be attached.

Where you can fish

The licence would grant you rights to to fish in in all public waters anywhere in France and  waters managed by your local AAPPMA.

Needless to say water on private land is what it says – private.  When you buy a licence ask where the best sport can be had.

LIke hunting there is a limit, so please ask before you wade in !


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