5 reasons to book your 2016 holiday now!

by David Trumper

The gloom of winter is starting to set in, the weather’s turning and the nights are to drawing in. Dark by 5. Depressing, isn’t it?

Why not cheer yourself up by booking yourself a 2016 holiday? It’s the perfect time to do it – here are five reasons why…

1. It’ll feel like a free holiday (or at least slightly cheaper) when it’s time to go!

The cost, for some people, one of the big reasons not to book up. Maybe you’re feeling the pinch, and you feel that this Christmas period is only going to make it worse. But by booking – and paying – now, you’ll know how much you’ve got to play with when the festive season arrives. And when the time comes to take the holiday in however many months’ time, all – or at least some – of the balance will already be paid. If you’ve paid for the whole thing already, it’ll feel like a bonus holiday!

2. Offers abound

Some holiday companies and airlines are running sales at the moment, and others are running incentives for booking early – kids go free, smaller deposits, that kind of thing. It’s a good chance to save a bit of money, or at least get some things thrown in!

3. Beat the rush

One very good reason to book early is to be sure that you can secure the accommodation you need. For example, if you’re a large family you’ll require a certain number of beds, or adjoining rooms so you can all be together. Leave it too late, and you may miss out. Also, these are the sorts of rooms that tend to go early, so get your hands on them now.

4. Don’t miss your flight

Less of an issue than securing your accommodation, but still a possible stumbling block, some smaller airports tend to sell out of tickets on popular days and times (particularly during school holidays) to popular resorts.

5. Give yourself something to look forward to

Possibly the most important thing of all is to have something in the diary that you can look forward to over the long winter months. January, in particular, is a good time to be able to know there’s a great holiday on the horizon – we all know about the January blues. Don’t fall victim!

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